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Instruments : We provide instruments for all different musical courses opted by the students as per their choice. Whether one opts for Regular batches or Personal training it is not mandatory for the student to bring personal instruments to classes. This facilitates the student to commute easily without any worry.

Study Material : We provide easily understandable and step-wise material for every course. It guides the student to practice and gives an in-depth understanding even to those with no prior music background.

Timings & Accessibility :
• Soor Malhar Classes has three branches across Vadodara: Gotri road, Sama and Old Padra Road.
• Batch timings range from early morning to late evening.
• Timings are flexible and are arranged according to student’s request and comfort.
• Distance Learning courses are also available.
• Study Material is also provided to Distance Learning students.
• Personal & Semi-personal Mentoring facilities are also available at every branch.
• Weekend Batches are also available. (Monday is holiday for all batches)

Language : There is no language barrier in our courses. We follow English, Gujarati and Hindi languages in our teaching process as per student’s need.

Examination : We help and guide our students to prepare for all major recognised musical examinations like ABGMVM, BGSS, and Trinity Guildhall college. These exams are Voluntary and solely depend on student’s choice and preference.

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