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Music is in the veins of history. Its traces are found among the oldest scriptures. So we can say our civilization begun with the melodies of music and it cannot be separated from us. Soor is the base of music providing melody and transforming the skeleton of lyrics into melodious tunes full of life force. Malhar stands for an Indian raga which depicts rain. It’s more famous because it was sung by famous singer Tansen who brought rain by singing it. It is like an epitome for Indian classical music.

“Soor Malahar” thus represents music from its origin to distant future. Established in 2004, by Mr. Vinit Rawal, it is still crossing new horizons in the field of educating new musicians by enriching them with knowledge and in-depth power of music.

Mr. Vinit Rawal (Bachelor in Music by BGSS, Sangit Visharad by Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva MahaVidhyalaya Mandal, Specialization in soft and western music) is the visionary, founder and owner of Soor Malahar classes. He established this academy with a vision to facilitate the students with all possible opportunities for their complete development and understanding of music. Facilities like Distance Learning and Online classes through video conferencing are also available.

It gives an opportunity to students for studying music without any barriers of time, place or availability.Our institution has three branches across Vadodara at: Gotri Road, Sama and Old Padra Road. The batch timings are flexible according to the need and availability of student. We consider our institution as a family so there are no boundations of class, creed, age or gender. We teach a wide range of musical instruments like guitar, synthesizer, keyboard, violin, mandolin, acoustic drums, octopad, sitar, banjo etc. and Vocal (singing) with Indian and Western music. We also provide special service during school annual functions, youth festivals of colleges and corporate functions.

We welcome you to take part with us in this amazing musical journey and reach new horizons...

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